AR# 47250


MIG 7 Series v1.5 - After clicking "Cancel" CORE generator appears to still generate a MIG core


When I use the MIG 7 Series tool and click "Cancel" to close without generating a core, CORE generator appears to generate a core and open the readme file.

Why is CORE generator generating a core upon canceling the GUI?


MIG creates a file named mig_output.txt with the SET_ERROR_CODE information.

When the design is generated successfully, the file is written with the following sample content:

SET_XMDF_PATH ./mig_7series_v1_6_xmdf.tcl
SET_PARAMETER component_name mig_7series_v1_6
SET_PARAMETER xml_input_file ./mig_7series_v1_6/mig.prj

If you exit after a generation is started by clicking 'cancel' or 'crossbar', MIG will write the mig_output.txt file with the following content:


CORE Generator is misinterpreting the error code as "success" rather than "cancelled".
This issue with ISE 14.2 can be safely ignored.

The 7 Series MIG core is not generated.

This issue has been resolved in ISE 14.3.
AR# 47250
日期 02/20/2015
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