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SelectIO Design Assistant: Performance


This Answer Record deals with SelectIO performance and aims to increase understanding of Xilinx I/O performance.

It has two sections:

  • Understanding Performance Specifications, which provides useful information on frequent customer queries regarding the I/O specifications.
  • Factors Affecting I/O performance, which provides information on what factors can affect the performance of the Xilinx I/O.

This article is part of the Design Assistant section (Xilinx Answer 50926) of the SelectIO Solution Centre (Xilinx Answer 50924).


Understanding Performance Specifications:

There are 3 types of I/O standard available on Xilinx FPGA's.

These are Single-ended, Differential and Pseudo-Differential.

Factors Affecting I/O Performance:

I/O performance is affected by a number of factors. For more information, see (Xilinx Answer 50197)



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AR# 47284
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