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14.x EDK - Known Issues Master Answer Record


This Known Issues Master Answer Record contains a list of all EDK 14.x answer records. The list includes current known issues as well as issues that have been resolved in a particular release.


14.1 Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 47638) 14.1 EDK SDK - Cannot display global variables or modify variables in the SDK for a Zynq device design
(Xilinx Answer 47708) 14.1 EDK/SDK - User Cannot add/modify global variables in SDK variables window using Zynq devices

14.3 Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 52767) 14.3 EDK - TCL errors relating to PS clocks when using the ZC706 import config option in XPS GUI

14.4 Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 53858) 14.4 EDK SDK - Data2mem does not work for 1140T/2000T devices
(Xilinx Answer 52971) 14.4 EDK/SDK - ARM Compiler is failing with applications containing sin, cos, tan functions in SDK
(Xilinx Answer 52652) 14.4 EDK SDK - Cannot connect to MDM through XMD on Virtex-7 1140T and Virtex-7 2000T devices
(Xilinx Answer 53955) 14.4 - SDK - Cannot compile ARM application on Win7 64 OS
(Xilinx Answer 53306) 14.4 EDK/SDK - Compilation of ARM applications fails with the error " arm-xilinx-eabi-gcc: command not found" when SDK is launched from PlanAhead tool

14.2 Resolved Issues

(Xilinx Answer 47465) 14.1 EDK XMD- ARM CPU is not resetting correctly when programming dual processors over XMD
(Xilinx Answer 47468) 14.1 EDK XMD - XMD does not display the processor number
(Xilinx Answer 47639) 14.1 EDK SDK - SDK crashes when I try to reset a single or no reset in debug / run configurations
(Xilinx Answer 47642) 14.1 EDK - XPS does not take parameter value from MHS but ALWAYS compute from IP_DRC_TCL procedure for two Interconnect parameters
(Xilinx Answer 47707) 14.1 EDK/XMD - XMD does not issue DBG_EN=0 before a system reset
(Xilinx Answer 47711) 14.1 EDK/SDK - Linux HelloWorld application targeting MicroBlaze gets built with CodeSourcery
(Xilinx Answer 47712) 14.1 EDK/SDK - gmon.out not available if Remote Absolute File Path is specified
(Xilinx Answer 47713) 14.1 EDK/SDK - Create Boot Image does not overwrite if full path is not specified
(Xilinx Answer 50633) AXI Bridge for PCI Express - Root Port Implementation does byte swap to the completion packet for a configuration read issued to an Endpoint device
(Xilinx Answer 50634) AXI Bridge for PCI Express - Memory Write to address 0x0000_0000 is treated as an MSI Request in Gen1X8 and Gen2X4 Endpoint configuration

14.3 Resolved Issues

(Xilinx Answer 51773) 14.2 XPS - When using the ECC on the LMB_BRAM_IF_CNTRL, the interface must be used
(Xilinx Answer 51920) 14.2 (latest) axi_quad_spi_v2_00_a core - Issue when Linux tries to read the JEDEC on the Numonyx KC705
(Xilinx Answer 51477) AXI Bridge for PCI Express - How many BAR I can use for Root Port and Endpoint?
(Xilinx Answer 51380) v2.00a - AXI Performance Monitor - Incorrect BUS_TYPE attribute in mpd for AXI Streaming Interface in AXI Performance Monitor
(Xilinx Answer 52479) AXI VDMA v5.02.a - Incorrect addressing after size mismatch error
(Xilinx Answer 50925) 14.2 EDK, Zynq-7000 - "ERROR:EDK - IPNAME: processing_system7 - PARAMETER C_S_AXI_GP0_ID_WIDTH has value 7 which does not fall in the range (1 : 6)"
(Xilinx Answer 50634) AXI Bridge for PCI Express - Memory Write to address 0x0000_0000 is treated as an MSI Request in Gen1X8 and Gen2X4 Endpoint configuration
(Xilinx Answer 50516) v14.2 - XPS AXI Microblaze and axi_sysmon_adc placement errors



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