AR# 50484


CompXlib - WARNING:CompXlib:272 - CompXlib could not back up the 'C:/modeltech_66f/.bak' file due to some problems


The following warning occurs when I tried to compile Xilinx simulation libraries.

It prevents the process from continuing.

WARNING:Compxlib:272 - Compxlib could not back up the 'C:/modeltech_66f/.bak' file due to some problems in the copyoperation. The compilation will continue without a backup file being created


This can occur if the $MODELSIM variable is incorrectly set.

The following is an example of the compxlib.log file:

compxlib -s mti_se -l all -arch artix7 -arch artix7l -arch aartix7 -arch qvirtex5 -arch qvirtex6 -arch qvirtex6l -arch kintex7 -arch kintex7l -arch virtex5 -arch virtex6 -arch virtex6l -arch virtex7 -arch virtex7l -arch zynq -lib all -w
Get MODELSIM environment variable
MODELSIM: ( => 'C:/modeltech_66f/' )
Using MODELSIM ( => 'C:/modeltech_66f/' )

$MODELSIM is expected to specify the directory location and name of a modelsim.ini file. 

Changing the value to "C:/modeltech_66f/modelsim.ini" allows CompXlib to complete successfully.

AR# 50484
日期 01/28/2015
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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