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AR# 50501

Vivado HLS - Running Verilog or VHDL simuation with ModelSim results in errors


If I runVerilog or VHDL simuation with ModelSim,itresults in the following error:

# ** Error: SystemC is not supported on win64.
# Executing ONERROR command at macro ./autosim.modelsim.scr line 34
@E [SIM-1] *** AutoSim finished: FAIL ***
while executing

"::AESL_AUTOSIM::auto_sim "$args" "


For "# ** Error: SystemC is not supported on win64":

ModelSim only supports SystemC with 32-bit exe.

For Linux, set environment variable "MTI_VCO_MODE 32" to run in 32-bit mode.

For Windows, the 32-bit ModelSim version must be installed.

For "# Executing ONERROR command at macro ./autosim.modelsim.scr line 34":

Ensure that ModelSim's GCC compiler is downloaded and extracted in the ModelSim installation directory. "gcc-4.2.1-mingw32vc9" should be located in the modeltech directory.



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AR# 50501
日期 10/04/2012
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