AR# 50546


FPGA Editor: The FPGA Editor takes long run-time to playback a script file to probe the signals.


I am trying to probe a small number of signals on to pads using the script file in FPGA Editor.

It is taking me 40 minutes to route the signals.

How can I reduce the run time.


Starting in ISE 12.2, the Routing defaults are set to Delay Driven instead of Resource Driven.

When you change the routing defaults from a delay driven approach to a resource driven approach, the run-time can be significantly reduced.

You can set the routing defaults in the GUI or by adding the following lines to your script file.

setattr main route_all_style resource
setattr main route_select_style resource

AR# 50546
日期 10/09/2014
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Type 综合文章
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