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AR# 50905

LogiCORE IP SMPTE SDI (SD/HD/3G-SDI) - Release Notes and Known Issues


This answer record contains the Release Notes and Known Issues list for the LogiCORE IP SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI. 

The following information is listed for each version of the core:

  • New Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • Known Issues




General Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 56449)rx_locked occasionally asserting when no SDI cable is connected
(Xilinx Answer 51092)How do I connect up the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI core to the High Speed SERES on my device?
(Xilinx Answer 51114)Does the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP support the GTX High Speed SERDES on Kintex-7 ES devices?
(Xilinx Answer 53522)How many cycles does the crc_err_a and crc_err_b remain asserted?
(Xilinx Answer 54366)Is the value mentioned in the Table 9 of Xapp592 & Xapp892 the frame rate?
(Xilinx Answer 59601)Does the SMPTE SD/HD/3G-SDI IP support Artix-7 -1 speed grade?


  • Initial release in ISE Design Suite 14.2, Vivado Design Suite 2012.2

Supported Devices

  • Virtex-7
  • Kintex-7

New Features

  • Standards compliance:
    • SMPTE ST 259 (SD-SDI)
    • SMPTE ST 292 (HD-SDI)
    • SMPTE ST 372 (Dual Link HD-SDI)
    • SMPTE ST 424 and ST 425-1 (3G-SDI) including levels A, B-DL, and B-DS
    • SMPTE ST 352 (Payload ID)
    • SMPTE RP 165 (SD-SDI EDH)
  • Triple-Rate SDI receiver features:
    • A single reference clock frequency supports reception of 5 different bit rates:
      • 270 Mb/s SD-SDI
      • 1.485 Gb/s HD-SDI
      • 1.485/1.001 Gb/s HD-SDI
      • 2.97 Gb/s 3G-SDI
      • 2.97/1.001 Gb/s 3G-SDI
    • Automatically detects incoming SDI standard and bit rate
    • Automatically detects incoming video transport format
    • Detects and captures ST 352 packets
    • Checks for CRC errors for HD-SDI and 3G-SDI
    • Optionally checks for EDH errors for SD-SDI
  • Triple-Rate SDI transmitter features:
    • Only two reference clock frequencies are required to transmit five different bit rates:
      • 270 Mb/s SD-SDI
      • 1.485 Gb/s HD-SDI
      • 1.485/1.001 Gb/s HD-SDI
      • 2.97 Gb/s 3G-SDI
      • 2.97/1.001 Gb/s 3G-SDI
    • Generates and inserts CRC and line numbers for HD-SDI and 3G-SDI
    • Generates and inserts EDH packets for SD-SDI
    • Generates and inserts ST 352 packets for all SDI standards

Bug Fixes

  • N/A

Known Issues

(Xilinx Answer 60303)When targeting Artix-7 and using XAPP1097 v1.0, why do I see intermittent failures, or failure to lock when changing SDI standards?




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AR# 50905
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