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EDK MicroBlaze: explanation of Store Halfword Reverse MicroBlaze Instruction


当我使用 SHR 指令,它交换字节顺序并将结果存储在另外半字 (原半字旁)。


code snippet:

  typedef union
        unsigned short int16e;
        unsigned short int16f;
   } structure;
   unsigned int tab[1];
  } structTest_t;

    structTest_t lit2big;
 lit2big.structure.int16e= 0xf055;
 lit2big.structure.int16f= 0xf066;
shr(&lit2big.structure.int16e, 0xad0b);
// print it:
int16e = F055 <- wanted to swap and assign there but didn't
int16f = BAD <- this other got swapped


根据 (UG081),此为预期行为:
If the R bit is set, a halfword reversed memory location is used and the two bytes in the halfword are reversed, storing data with the opposite endianness of the endianness defined by C_ENDIANNESS and the E bit (if virtual protected mode is enabled).
halfword reversed memory location is used " 属于预期之中。
确保在设置中使用 C_USE_REORDER_INSTR = 1 - 其为默认设置,所以应在默认情况下生效。
If = 0 ,则其属于普通存储,不包含字节倒置。
AR# 51984
日期 10/02/2014
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