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AR# 52571

Vivado System Generator - Does Vivado SysGen use the CORE Generator tool or IP Catalog in the backend?


Does Vivado System Generator use the CORE Generator tool or IP Catalog in the backend?


Up until ISE Design Suite 14.2 and Vivado System Generator 2012.2, Vivado System Generator still used the CORE Generator tool in the backend. If using these versions or reviewing design from these versions, you will still see .xco and .cgxco files in the netlist directory.

Starting in Vivado System Generator 2012.3, (coincides with ISE Design Suite System Generator 14.3), this will be tied to the IP Catalog and will no longer use CORE Generator or .xco files. You will see .xci files will be used instead.

AR# 52571
日期 07/01/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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