AR# 52951


2012.4 Vivado - GUI forces an absolute path when adding a Tcl file to tcl.pre and settings


When adding a Tcl file to any of the tcl.pre or selections in the Project Settings for Synthesis or Implementation steps, an absolute path to the TCL file is forced by the GUI and is not updated if the project is moved to a new location. Also, a relative path cannot be entered. For example, under the TCL Console, you will see the following:

set_property {C:\projects\my_proj\my_proj.srcs\sources_1\test.tcl} [get_runs impl_1]


You can work around this issue by using the following commands in the TCL console of the GUI to make the paths relative:

set_property ..\..\my_proj.srcs\sources_1\test.tcl [get_runs impl_1]

Alternatively, you can script this when moving the location of the project to update the path of the project:

set project_path [get_property directory [current_project]]
set_property $project_path\..\..\my_proj.srcs\sources_1\test.tcl [get_runs impl_1]

This set_property command can be applied to any step that uses tcl.pre or (synth_design, opt_design, power_opt_design, place_design, power_opt_design, phys_opt_design, route_design, write_bitstream).

This issue has been fixed in the Vivado integrated design environment (IDE) 2013.1.

AR# 52951
日期 01/22/2014
状态 Active
Type 已知问题
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