AR# 53567


14.x System Generator - Configuring the ML605 board for Point-to-Point Ethernet Hardware Co-Simulation


Why am I unable to configure the ML605 board using the Ethernet Point-to-Point method for System Generator Hardware Co-Simulation (the board is not found)?


For the ML605 board, it is necessary to perform board configuration using the JTAG cable and then the simulation itself will run using the Ethernet cable. It is a common mistake to expect the board to be configured and programmed through the Ethernet cable as well.

Please ensure both cables are connected to the board from the PC; the board configuration will take place via JTAG, and the simulation will run via Ethernet after programming and configuring the board.

AR# 53567
日期 09/11/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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