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Zynq-7000 SoC ZC706 - ZC706 inconsistent pin assignments on FMC connector, Table 1-33 of UG954 (v1.1)


In the ZC706 Evaluation Board User Guide v1.1 (UG954), Table 1-33 lists the J5 LPC FMC connections to AP SoC U1.

Is the pinout given in Table 1-33 correct?

  1. Inconsistency between UG954 and UG865 regarding connection of XC7Z045 pin AJ27. UG954 lists a signal connection to connector J5 (pin H23), whereas UG865 shows AJ27 as a GND pin.
  2. Inconsistency in UG954 regarding XC7Z045 pin AJ26; within table 1-33 there are two connections to the J5 connector; pins D23 and H22.


There are some errors in Table 1-33 of the ZC706 Evaluation Board User Guide v1.1 (UG954).

  • FMC_LPC_LA19_N is connected to AH27, and not AJ27.
  • FMC_LPC_LA19_P is connected to AH26, and not AJ26.

This can be confirmed from the ZC706 schematic.

The corrected section of Table 1-33 can be found below, and is included in v1.2 of the ZC706 Evaluation Board User Guide (UG954).



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AR# 54105
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