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Artix-7 - Bitstream compatibility between Production and GES silicon


What is required to ensure bitstream compatibility between GES and Production Silicon for the Artix-7 family?


The version of software required to create a Production bitstream is documented in the Artix-7 Data Sheet DS181, in the Device Production Software and Speed Specification Release table. For example, the XC7A100 -3 speed grade requires ISE 14.4 and Vivado 2012.4 version design tools with the 14.4/2012.4 device pack of  v1.07 or later. A bitstream created with this version of tools will support GES and Production Silicon.

Other issues that might need to be addressed to ensure the bitstream compatibility:

  • Design Advisory for Artix-7 FPGA GTP Transceivers - RX Reset Sequence Requirement for Production Silicon; see (Xilinx Answer 53561).
  • Design Advisory for MIG 7 Series DDR3/DDR2 - Required calibration patch for v1.7 and v1.8; see (Xilinx Answer 53420).



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AR# 54223
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