AR# 54877


Vivado - Post-Synthesis Vivado checkpoint (DCP) contains absolute paths of XDC constraints


When I write a Vivado checkpoint and open the checkpoint from another computer, I receive the following warning:

WARNING: [Common 17-254] File '<file_path>'' does not exists, if you create more constraints you may not be able to save design. [[file]:3]



When a Vivado checkpoint is written out after Vivado Synthesis, but before placement, the checkpoint writes out an XDC file that contains information about the location of the constraints in memory as well as the constraints themselves. 

Within the XDC file, the following line is present before every constraint:

set_property SRC_FILE_INFO {cfile:<absolute_location> rfile:<absolute_location> id:1} [current_design]

This line is included in order to help users trace a constraint back to its origin.

However, when the checkpoint is moved to another computer and these absolute paths cannot be located, the above warning is issued.

This warning is misleading because constraints cannot be saved from this checkpoint to the original constraints file. 

In the 2014.3 release work has been done to prevent Vivado from checking the path location and issuing this warning.

AR# 54877
日期 10/06/2014
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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