AR# 54981


14.5 SDK - XMD error when attempting to launch XMD from within SDK while using the Digilent SDK Cable


The following error message is displayed on the console if the Digilent SDK Cable is used while attempting to launch XMD from within SDK:

"Error: Program FPGA Reason: Failed to connect to Xilinx hw_server."

How can I resolve this problem?


The recommended flow is to use the hw_server (Xilinx Tools -> Launch Hardware Server).

If for legacy reasons the Digilent Cable is used, you will need to manually set the cable type from"Auto Detect" to "Digilent USB Cable" in SDK: Xilinx Tools -> Configure JTAG Settings.

AR# 54981
日期 06/07/2013
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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