AR# 54987


Configuration - 13.4 & 14.x iMPACT crashes and errors out when loading projects created with Digilent cable HS1/HS2.


IMPACT crashes/errors when loading or auto-loading an impact project file (.ipf) file that was created and saved with a Digilent HS1/HS2 cable.

The following is from the Error Message:

_impact4.exe has stopped working.
A Xilinx Application has encountered and unexpected error.
It is recommended that you save any unsaved work in the event that this condition persists.
For further assistance, please consult the Answers Database and other online resources at


This issue only occurs when using and saving a project with the Digilent cable.

Customers are requested to use either the Platform USB or the Mini-USB JTAG cables as a work-around.
The current work-around for the Digilent cable is shown below.

When creating/saving a project with a Digilent cable setup, go to the outputs toolbar menu in iMPACT.


Then select the "Cable Setup" option to bring up the "Cable Communication Setup" window.

Change settings if required, otherwise set to default and click OK.

Finally, save your iMPACT project.

This should give iMPACT enough details to create a working and uncorrupted .ipf project file.
You do not need the Digilent plugin installed for this to work.

AR# 54987
日期 05/18/2018
状态 Active
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