AR# 56260


14.1-14.6 iMPACT - An error occurs when attempting Indirect Programming, "ERROR:Cse - Error writing to Core controller."


The following error occurs and is written in the log when attempting to carry out Indirect Programming (SPI or BPI):

ERROR:Cse - Error writing to Core controller.

The core file does not load to the device and the operations do not begin.

What is causing this error?


This issue will occur when a design that contains certain cores is already loaded to the FPGA. The Indirect Programming core uses the same bus infrastructure as the IBERT or Debug cores (ILA, VIO, ICON). When one of these cores has already been loaded to the device, the iMPACT software mistakenly identifies that core as an Indirect Programming core which results in the following error:

ERROR:Cse - Error writing to Core controller."

To work around this issue, ensure that the FPGA is not configured with a design that contains one of these cores before attempting Indirect Programming. If there is a design that does not contain IBERT/ILA/ICON/VIO or the device is unconfigured, this issue will not occur.

iMPACT 14.7 will contain a fix for the problem.



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AR# 56260
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