AR# 56628


14.6 - SDK - Hardware breakpoints in SDK TCF debugger in Zynq applications


  • How many hardware breakpoints can be used in debugging Zynq ARM applications?
  • How can hardware breakpoints be enabled?


  • The TCF debugger by default uses software breakpoints. Up to six hardware breakpoints can be used in TCF debugging Zynq ARM applications.
    However, one hardware breakpoint is used for single stepping, and by default one is used for main(), and one is used for exit().
    The main(), and exit() can be disabled, so up to five hardware breakpoints can be used.
  • Hardware breakpoints can only be enabled during runtime.
    To enable the hardware breakpoint, add a breakpoint as usual, then right click on the breakpoint and select breakpoint properties.
    Then check the Hardware checkbox.


AR# 56628
日期 11/24/2014
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Type 综合文章
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