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14.6 SDK - Cannot establish debugger connection when Zynq is not first device on JTAG chain


On my customer's board, Zynq is second device on JTAG chain. On this board, JTAG cannot be connected from SDK GUI. When launching debugger by [Debug as] > [Launch on Hardware], connection fails with the following message:

> The device at 1 position cannot be debugged. It is either not a FPGA or PowerPC/ARM device.

It looks SDK cannot connect to Zynq when it is not the first JTAG device.

As a trial, the customer tried configuring JTAG ([Xilinx Tools] > [Configure JTAG settings]), but it did not solve the issue.


To debug with GDB/XMD, follow the steps below.

  1. Download Bitstream into PL. (In this example, PL TAP is the third device on JTAG chain.)
    XMD% fpga -f xxxxx.bit -debugdevice deviceNr 3
  2. Connect XMD with ARM DAP.
    XMD% connect arm hw debugdevice deviceNr 2
    Once the connection is established, you will see the following message:
    Connected to "arm" target. id = 64
    Starting GDB server for "arm" target (id = 64) at TCP port no 1234
  3. Run ps7_init.tcl in advance.
    XMD% source <path to TCL>/ps7_init.tcl
  4. Setup Remote Debug and start debugging.
    In the debug configration window, select the tab [Remote Debug] and check "Connect to gdbserver on a different machine."
    Input the port number which you obtained in the Step 2.
AR# 56781
日期 11/27/2013
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