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LogiCORE IP Aurora 8B10B v10.0 - Recommended Procedure to Target Aurora 8B10B to Zynq 7015 Device


Aurora 8B10B v10.0 does not support the Zynq 7015 device through XGUI. This answer record helps with the recommended steps to target Aurora 8B10B to Zynq 7015 device


Artix-7 and Zynq 7015 devices have the same GTP transceivers. So, it is fine to generate the core targeting Artix-7 GTP transceivers and change the target device for the generated design to Zynq 7015 device.

Please follow the steps below to target Aurora 8B10B core to Zynq 7015 device:

  1. Generate Aurora 8B10B core by selecting the target device as one of the Artix-7 device containing GTP transceivers. Please ensure that "Generate Synthesized Checkpoint" option is not selected while generating the core.
  2. Change the project settings to Zynq 7015 device
  3. Update the following constraints in .xdc file
    • GTP transceiver location
    • REFCLK location

Aurora 8B10B core can be synthesized now to target Zynq 7015 device.

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