AR# 58746


No CHANNEL_UP assertion in Aurora 8B10B v10.1 (or) earlier core in duplex configuration


GT FIFO overflow/underflow causes no channel up in duplex.

This is observed in functional simulation of Kintex-7 FPGA cases. 

This answer record provides the required updates to fix this issue.


The following updates are required for the Aurora 8B10B v10.1 or earlier core only. 

These steps are required to work around a functional issue in the GT simulation model. 

The updates are not required with any later versions of the Aurora 8B10B IP.

Reset the GT after FIFO overflow/underflow happens.

  1. Synchronize the TXBUFERR_OUT/RXBUFERR_OUT using the <component_name>_cdc_sync module in the INIT_CLK_IN domain.
    • For multi-lane designs, logical ORing is required for TXBUFERR_OUT/RXBUFERR_OUT from all lanes.
  2. Connect the above synchronized signal to the SOFT_RESET port of the TX_STARTUP_FSM and RX_STARTUP_FSM respectively.

These changes need to be made in the <component_name>_transceiver_wrapper.v[hd] file.

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AR# 58746
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