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This Answer Record contains child answer records covering various topics related to Xilinx supported Third Party Simulators. The answer records provides explaination of few issues which you may face while using Xilinx supported Third Party Simulators. The answer record also contains information related to known issues and good coding practices. Each child answer records covers a single topic which can be referred to as per your requirement.

Note: This article is part of Xilinx Simulation Solution Center Xilinx Answer 58795. The Xilinx Simulation Solution Center is available to address all questions related to Simulation. Whether you are starting a new design with Vivado Simulator or troubleshooting a problem with a supported third party simulator, use the Xilinx Simulation Solution Center to guide you to the right information.


Xilinx supports the below listed Third party Simulators. Select the Answer Record for more details.

(Xilinx Answer 63841) Modelsim-SE/PE/DE & Questasim

(Xilinx Answer 58890) Cadence IES 

(Xilinx Answer 58891) Synopsys VCS/VCS-MX

(Xilinx Answer 58892) Aldec Riviera-Pro/Active HDL

For details on the exact versions of the Third Party Simulator supported by Xilinx, refer to the respective Vivado Design Suite Release Notes (UG973) corresponding to the Vivado release version.



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