AR# 59580


32/64-bit Initiator/Target for PCI (7 series) -Artix7 35t, 50t and 75t devices support


Version Found: v5.0
Version Resolved and other Known Issues: See (Xilinx Answer 54651).

32/64-bit Initiator/Target for PCI (7 series) core is not  available in IP catalog for Artix7 35t, 50t and 75t devices.

How can I generate the core for the above mentioned devices?


This is a known issue in Vivado 2013.4 due to be fixed in a future release.

Please install the patch attached with this answer record to enable generation of the core in 2013.4 for Artix7 35t, 50t and 75t devices.

Two separate patches have been provided for PCI32 and PCI64.

Follow the instructions below to install the patches:

1) Extract the contents of the patches to the desired patch directory location.

2) Set the MYVIVADO environment variable to point to the 'vivado' directory inside the patches directory:

setenv MYVIVADO <..>/ar_59580_pci64_Rev_1_preliminary_patchrev1\vivado


SET MYVIVADO=<..>/ar_59580_pci64_Rev_1_preliminary_patchrev1/vivado

3) Run Vivado from the original location.

If the patch has been successfully applied, the Vivado version displayed in the output will be updated.

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03/07/2014 - Initial release


AR# 59580
日期 05/29/2014
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