AR# 60900

Zynq-7000 SoC – 2014.1 SDK is not able to program the NOR if in NOR boot mode on a production silicon


This issue arises when programming an image on the NOR flash using SDK when booting in NOR mode on either of the following:
  • A ZC702 with 7020 production silicon.
  • A ZC706 with 7045 production silicon.


The reason is that when booting in NOR mode, the BootROM might not find a valid image.

It then goes on a non-secure-lockdown and puts all of the MIO in 3-state.

As a result flash_writer cannot configure the NOR properly.
The work-around is to force the NOR MIO to the correct settings.

Because flash_writer requires an FSBL to configure NOR,  you will need to add  XSmc_NorInit() to the nor.c in FSBL

void InitNor(void)



         * Set up the base address for access


        FlashReadBaseAddress = XPS_NOR_BASEADDR;

        XSmc_NorInit();   /* <--Add this line */


Note: This is not a silicon requirement, it is a tool limitation.
AR# 60900
日期 05/25/2018
状态 Active
Type 综合文章
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