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UltraScale Boards and Kits - Maxim Integrated Power Solution dongle


The Kintex and Virtex UltraScale Evaluation Kits use a power solution from Maxim Integrated.

How can I purchase this power cable / access the power controllers on these boards?


All Xilinx UltraScale evaluation kits contain digital power supplies from Maxim Integrated.

The PMBus interface provides extensive power monitoring, sequencing, and fault management capabilities.

A voucher for the Maxim Power Pod is no longer being provided from Maxim inside of Xilinx kits.

Please contact Maxim for information on their current standing on free samples. It might be possible to still get a pod for free using their sampling service.

At the time of this article's publication (10/16/2018), you can use the following link to order a free sample:




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