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2014.4 XPE - Top row of buttons are not working after the Windows update - Office 2010


I have opened XPE to do some power analysis, but the top row of buttons are disabled.  

Macros are enabled, and this process worked previously.

However I have recently done a Windows Update and since then the buttons are disabled with Excel 2010.


Please verify which Windows Update you received.  

You can review Windows Updates by going to the Start Menu-> Windows Update -> View Update History.

Workaround A:

Follow the steps below (Details at

  1. Install both of the following patches:

    The pre-requisite for these patches is Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2.

Workaround B: 

Follow the steps below (Details at

  1.  Close Excel.
  2. Open the folder C:\Users\[username\AppData\Local\Temp\Excel8.0\ or C:\temp\Excel8.0\ directory
    Note: this folder might be hidden by default on your machine.
    You can navigate there directly by typing the path in the Explorer window.
  3. Make a backup copy of the file MSForms.exd.
  4. Delete the existing/original MSForms.exd file.
  5. Restart Excel.
  6. The Active-X buttons in XPE should now work again.

Microsoft describes .exd files in the following link.

The renaming or deleting of these files should not cause serious issues.

AR# 63237
日期 04/28/2015
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