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PetaLinux 2015.2 - Only CPU0 Comes Up When Booting Linux on Zynq-7000 Devices


I am attempting to boot and debug an SMP Linux system on Zynq-7000 using PetaLinux. 

During boot, only CPU0 comes up.


This scenario only occurs when XSDB disconnects from the processor before the Linux kernel has booted into full SMP mode.

When booting using petalinux-boot --jtag to boot all the way into Linux, the PetaLinux tools handle this connectivity automatically.

When using petalinux-boot --jtag to boot into U-Boot and then subsequently boot into Linux, you should keep XSDB connected to the processor until Linux has brought both CPUs up.

To accomplish this, use petalinux-boot --jtag --tcl to log all of the Tcl commands to a script file.

Then, edit the Tcl script to remove the "exit" command in order to prevent the disconnect of XSDB from the processor.



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AR# 64976
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