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VCU110 UG1073 (v1.1) - How many differential user-defined pairs are available in FMC HPC1 Connector J2?


(UG1073) VCU110 Evaluation Board (v1.1) page 115 states that there are 34 differential user-defined pairs (34 LA pairs: LA[00:33]) in FMC HPC1 Connector J2.

Is this accurate?


FMC HPC1 Connector J2 has 11 differential user-defined pairs, as can be confirmed from the VCU110 Rev 1.0 schematic file.

This is correctly stated in Table 1-61 through Table 1-65.

The 11 differential user-defined pairs are LA pairs: LA[00:10].

The information on page 115 is correct in UG1073 (v1.2).



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