AR# 67055

Vivado 2016.1 - 7 Series\Zynq-7000 - Soft Error Mitigation IP generation issue


This issue affects Vivado 2016.1 and the Soft Error Mitigation (SEM) IP v4.

Impacted Devices: 7 Series and Zynq-7000

Targeting any 7 Series/Zynq-7000 device to generate the SEM IP and trying to customize the core will return the following error in Vivado 2016.1:

'IP license not found. Customization will remain disabled'




1) Install the patch that is attached to this AR.

Do not upgrade the core in a 2016.1 Vivado project prior to installing the patch.

2) Generate and use the SEM IP from Vivado 2015.4

The SEM IP has had no changes made with regard to 7 Series/Zynq-7000 in Vivado 2016.1, so continuing to use the 2015.4 version is a safe workaround.


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AR# 67055
日期 05/02/2016
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