AR# 67270

SDSoC - 2016.1 - Error while launching program: invalid command name “psu_ps_pl_isolation_removal”


The zcu102 platform files were not created with the final SDSoC 2016.1 release tools. When a standalone OS application without functions marked for hardware is run, a dialog box appears with this message: 

Error while launching program: invalid command name "psu_ps_pl_isolation_removal".

The problem is not encountered when using the included template application as a function is marked for hardware by default, but will be observed if the function is unmarked for hardware by the user and in any application without hardware functions.


To work around this issue, Uninstall SDSoC 2016.1 (Software Build on May 9, 2016), then download and install the latest SDSoC 2016.1 (Software Build on May 20, 2016). 

To see which version of SDSoC 2016.1 is installed, type the command sdsoc version in an SDSoC 2016.1 Terminal or in a shell running the SDSoC environment.



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AR# 67270
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