AR# 67502


Vivado - Are Virtual Machine (VM) environments supported for the Vivado Design Suite?


Does Xilinx support running Vivado Design Suite in a virtual machine environment such as VMWare or VirtualBox.


The Xilinx Software testing team tests and qualifies the various versions of Vivado Design Suite on specific operating systems and versions - See (Xilinx Answer 54242).

Virtual Machine environments are not explicitly supported and have not been tested by Xilinx. However, the Vivado design suite should work in virtual machine environments which are equivalent to those native operating systems that are supported.

  • The performance of some operations (for example, License Checking) will be affected due to additional layers of communications)
  • Activation based licensing does not work for licenses created before the Vivado 2014.3 release - See (Xilinx Answer 60485)
AR# 67502
日期 07/08/2016
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