AR# 67553


2016.2 - SDSoC - ZC706_mem platform failing


There are IP cores missing from the zc706_mem platform delivered in the 2016.2 release of SDSoC. This will prevent it from working as expected.


To use the zc706_mem platform, download and install SDSoC 2016.2 (Software Build date July 15th, 2016).

This software build includes several IP cores used by the zc706_mem platform which are missing in the earlier build (Software Build date July 12th, 2016).

To see which software build you have installed, type the following command in the SDSoC 2016.2 terminal or in a shell running the SDSoC environment:

sdsoc -version 



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AR# 67553
日期 07/19/2016
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