AR# 68145


2016.3 PetaLinux Supports the ZCU102 board with ES2 silicon and rev 1.0 of the BSP


This Answer Record contains the PetaLinux BSP file for the ZCU102 ES2 rev 1.0 board.


The BSP file and system.hdf for the ZCU102 ES2 Rev 1.0 boards are attached below.

Type of File File Name
PetaLinux BSP for ZCU102, ES2.0 Rev1.0 Xilinx-ZCU102-zu9-ES2-REV1.0-v2016.3-final.bsp
SDK to use Hdf file for ZCU102, ES2.0 Rev1.0 platform system.hdf


文件名 文件大小 File Type
system.hdf 1 MB HDF
Xilinx-ZCU102-zu9-ES2-REV1.0-v2016.3-final.bsp 108 MB BSP
AR# 68145
日期 10/28/2016
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