AR# 68173

VCU110, UG1073 (v1.2) - Bullseye pin numbers swapped in tables


In the VCU110 Evaluation Board User Guide (v1.2) Tables 1-16, 1-18, 1-51, and 1-52 include information on the bullseye connection for the VCU110.

This information is not consistent with Figure 1-26 and Figure 1-27 - which is correct?

(UG1073) v1.2, shows a pin number swap for the bullseye connection in tables 1-16, 1-18, 1-51 and 1-52. In all of them TXP1/TXN1 is swapped with RXP1/RXN1 and TXP3/TXN3 is swapped with RXP3/RXN3.


In Tables 1-16, 1-18, 1-51, and 1-52 the pin numbers for TXP1 / TXN1 are swapped with RXP1 / RXN1, and TXP3 / TXN3 is swapped with RXP3 / RXN3.

Figure 1-26 and Figure 1-27 show the correct pin numbers, as outlined below.


This will be corrected in the next revision of (UG1073).



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AR# 68173
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