AR# 69082

UltraScale+ GT power supply startup current


When powering up or down the UltraScale+ GTY and GTH, current which is over the steady state requirements can be encountered.


For UltraScale+ GTH and GTY, when MGTAVCC is powered and MGTAVTT is in the range of 500mV to 700mV, an increase in MGTAVCC current of up to 20mA per MGT Quad can occur. 

This condition will happen when powering up the transceiver with the sequence recommended in the data sheet. It could also occur while the transceiver is being powered down.

The number of MGT quads is the number of quads powered by MGTAVCC. It does not matter if they are instantiated or not.

AR# 69082
日期 04/28/2017
状态 Active
Type 综合文章