AR# 69562


Video PHY Controller v2.1 Software Driver v1.6 - Changes to the DRP Read API


The API for a DRP Read has been changed starting with Vivado 2017.3.

The reason for this change is that it is unclear if the returned value is a failure or a valid value from the DRP read.

Old Version:

u16 XVphy_DrpRead(XVphy *InstancePtr, u8 QuadId, XVphy_ChannelId ChId, u16 Addr)

New Version:

u16 XVphy_DrpRd(XVphy *InstancePtr, u8 QuadId, XVphy_ChannelId ChId, u16 Addr, u16 *RetVal)


XVphy_DrpRead is deprecated in the Video PHY Driver v1.6, which is compatible with Vivado 2017.3 and 2017.4.

To use the newer version of the API, the following should be done:

  1. Ensure XVphy_DrpRd is used to replace XVphy_DrpRead when using the Video PHY Driver v1.6 and later versions.
  2. Check that the returned value is not 0xDEAD from Xvphy_DrpRd()
  3. Use the value that is in *RetVal if item 1 is true.



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AR# 69562
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