AR# 69579


XPE - When importing a .xpe file from Vivado corruption is seen in the cells of the spreadsheet.


When importing a .xpe file the values are not displayed correctly, typically '#########' or 'NUM#' are seen instead, as in the following example:


The issue is mainly seen on machines with the regional settings set to areas of Central Europe. The reasons for this are those regional settings use a different decimal and digit grouping setting within excel compared to English speaking regions.

Currently, only the English language settings are supported and tested, to workaround this the regional settings of the machine can be set to an English setting, however, this can be cumbersome for users.


Another option is to customize the format to match that of the English settings.

This can be done via the Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region settings -> Region -> Additional Setting option.

The 'Decimal symbol' should be changed from , to . and the 'Digit Grouping symbol' from . to , as can be seen below in this example from Windows 10, which has the Format set to Germany with the 2 settings switched, this will successfully import the .xpe file.




AR# 69579
日期 02/07/2019
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