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How to update the SmartLynq cable firmware from 2017.2 to 2017.3 using Vivado?


To update the SmartLynq cable firmware please follow the steps below.


STEP 1: Connect the power and Ethernet cable to the SmartLynq Data Cable module.

  1. Plug the power adapter barrel plug into the DC power jack on the SmartLynq module. 
  2. Plug the Ethernet cable into the SmartLynq module and attach it to your network. 
  3. Attach the appropriate country plug to the power adapter and plug into an open AC outlet. 
  4. The SmartLynq Data Cable powers up and the display shows self-check information. 
  5. The SmartLynq Data Cable acquires and displays an IP address, for example: 

STEP 2: Connect the SmartLynq Data Cable to the target board.

  1. Connect the SmartLynq Data Cable module to the JTAG interface on the target board. 
  2. Open the Hardware Manager in the Vivado tool. 
  3. To create a new hardware target, click Open Target and choose Open New Target.
  4. The Open New Hardware Target wizard appears. Click Next. 
  5. In the Connect to list box, pull-down Remote server.
  6. In the Host name field, specify the IP address shown on the SmartLynq module display. Click Next. On the SmartLynq Data Cable module display, VREF ON appears if the target board is powered up and VREF OFFappears if the target board does not have power.

Note: The target board must be powered on in order to connect with the Vivado Hardware Manager. 

With the board powered on, you can connect using the Open New Hardware Target wizard.

STEP 3: Update the SmartLynq cable firmware from 2017.2 to 2017.3

  1. Run the update_hw_firware command.


  1. After successfully updating the firmware Vivado Hardware manager will display the info message: 


  1. Disconnect from the hardware server and power cycle the SmartLynq before reconnecting. The SmartLynq cable display will suggest the updated firmware version. 


AR# 69951
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