AR# 72335


2019.1 Vivado Install - WARN : Failed to create the hard link


When installing the tools, I get the following messages in my terminal window/log file:

INFO : Successfully recovered the original file /path/to/file.ext
WARN : Failed to create the hard link /path/to/link1.ext pointing to /path/to/link2.ext. /path/to/link1.ext -> /path/to/link2.ext: Too many links

What do these warnings relate to, and does it mean that the install has failed?


As part of the installation process the installer tries to replace duplicate files with links to save on overall disk space used by the tools. 

Depending on the filesystem used by the OS, there can be a limitation to the number of links that are allowed to be created, causing these warnings to show up in the terminal window and log files. 

When these messages occur, the links are not created, and the original files are still maintained in their original location. These files remain correctly installed.

For more information about this optimization, or to disable this feature, please see (Xilinx Answer 72280).

AR# 72335
日期 05/29/2019
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Type 综合文章
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