ONIX FMC to IPASS 8x Adapter

发布者: Dgtronix

VITA 57.1 complaint HPC FMC card and enable flexible speed compatibility up to 14Gpbs. The adapter contains iPASS connector and extra peripheral I/F for management and debug. http://www.onix.systems/


  • On board clock oscillator for GTH ref clock (optional)
  • Front Panel LED’s
  • 1x SPI interface (via Transceiver)
  • 2x UART interface (via Transceiver)
  • 10pin Header for User
  • 2x u.FL connector for User clock
  • 4x u.FL connector for GTH lane (TX and RX)
  • 2x u.FL connector for GTH clock
  • 8x lanes up to 14Gbps for iPASS interface
  • VITA 57.1 FMC HPC connector


  • ONIX FMC to IPASS x8 Adapter