发布者: Aldec, Inc.

This Industrial FMC daughter board is designed to provide a wide range of interfaces used for industrial projects. It includes Isolated, full-duplex RS485/422/Profibus, Isolated, half-duplex RS485/422/Profibus, Isolated RS232, Isolated CAN, Digilent Pmod Compatible Header and USB 3.0. This daughter board is compatible with all the boards that support VITA 57.1-2010 FMC HPC connectors such as TySOM-2-7Z045, TySOM-2-7Z100, TySOM-2A-7Z030, AMD ZC706 and etc.


  • USB 3.0
  • Isolated dual channel Gate Driver
  • Pmod Header
  • Isolated RS232 and CAN
  • Isolated, half-duplex RS485
  • Isolated, full-duplex RS485
  • FMC HPC connector


  • 2x Isolated RS232 (up to 1 Mbps)
  • 64 kb EEPROM
  • Digilent PmodTM Complatible Header
  • FMC HPC standard connector compliant with VITA 57.1-2010
  • Isolated CAN (up to 4 Mbps)
  • Isolated dual channel Gate Driver
  • Isolated, full-duplex RS485/422/Profibus (up to 20 Mbps)
  • Isolated, half-duplex RS485/422/Profibus (up to 40 Mbps)
  • USB 3.0