ChipScope 集成逻辑分析器 (ILA)



The LogiCORE™ IP ChipScope™ Integrated Logic Analyzer (ILA) core is a customizable logic analyzer core that can be used to monitor any internal signal of your design. The ILA core includes many advanced features of modern logic analyzers, including Boolean trigger equations, trigger sequences, and storage qualification. 由于 ILA 内核能够与正在监控的设计保持同步,因此对设计应用的所有设计时钟限制也都会应用于 ILA 内核中的组件。


  • Provides a communication path between the ChipScope Pro Analyzer software and capture cores via the ChipScope Pro Integrated CONtroller (ICON) core
  • Has user-selectable trigger width, data width, and data depth
  • Has multiple trigger ports, which can be combined into a single trigger condition or sequence
  • Includes storage qualification option that enables the core to store a sample only when a certain condition is met




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