Color Correction Matrix LogiCORE IP Offerings and Software Requirements

Important Notice:

Obsoleted in 2019.1 and not recommended for new designs.

Relacement is the LogiCORE, Video Processing Subsystem which is a license free IP and bundled with Vivado.

Please refer to Product Discontinuation Notice XCN18017

  • Low Power devices or -L parts are not supported
  • Defense-grade or Q parts are not supported

SOFTWARE Requirements Table

LogiCORE™ Version AXI4 Support Software Support Supported Device Families
Color Correction Matrix
v6.0 AXI4-Stream
Vivado™ 2015.4 Kintex™ UltraScale+™
Virtex™ UltraScale+
Zynq™ UltraScale+
Kintex UltraScale™
Virtex UltraScale
Zynq 7000
Artix™ 7
Kintex 7
Virtex 7
Color Correction Matrix

v5.01a AXI4-Stream
ISE™ 14.3 Zynq 7000
Artix 7
Kintex 7
Virtex 7
Virtex 6 CXT / HXT / LXT / SXT
Spartan™ 6 LXT / LX
Color Correction Matrix

v2.0   ISE 12.2 Virtex 5 TXT / FXT / SXT / LXT / LX
Spartan 3A DSP