Order & Activate - LTE Fast Fourier Transform LogiCore IP

Full access to this IP core, including bitstream generation capability, requires that you generate and install a Full License Key.


Please refer to the Requirements link on the product page for this core for information on:

  • Software and system requirements
  • Licensing terms and conditions for evaluation

License Terms

This core is licensed under the following terms: Core License Agreement.

Ordering Information

To purchase a LogiCORE IP core, contact your local Sales Representative referencing the part number in the table below:

LogiCORE Product Name Part Number
LTE Fast Fourier Transform EF-DI-LTE-FFT-SITE

Generate and Install a Full License Key

After purchasing a license for this core, follow the instructions in the purchase confirmation email you will receive on downloading the IP core netlist from the Licensing Site, and on generating and installing a Full license key to activate Full access to the core.

Release Notes & Known Issues

For information on New Features, Known Issues, and Patches please refer to the Installation, Licensing and release Notes document available on the Licensing Solution Center.

Additional User Documentation

Additional documentation for this core is available to all customers who have a full or evaluation license. You must register for access to the evaluation lounge to view the documentation.