Order & Activate - Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC (TEMAC)

AMD offers:

  • Hard EMAC Blocks and Wrappers (no additional license required)
  • Soft TEMAC Cores (licensed separately)

Requirements & Licensing Terms

Hardware EMAC Blocks & Wrappers
Soft Tri-mode Ethernet MAC Cores

Install the appropriate Vivado™ or EDK software and updates indicated on the Product Offerings Information page and follow the instructions below

Activation Instructions

Full access to the Hard EMAC and Soft Tri-mode Ethernet MAC LogiCORE™ IP cores, including bitstream generation capability, requires that you generate and install a Full License Key.

To use the hard Tri-mode Ethernet MAC LogiCORE IP core, get a no charge license here.

Ordering Information

To use the soft Tri-Mode Ethernet MAC LogiCORE IP core, purchase a Project or a Site License from your local Xilinx sales representative using the appropriate part number in the table below:

LogiCORE Product Name Part Number
LogiCORE, Tri-mode Ethernet Media Access Controller (TEMAC), Project License EF-DI-TEMAC-PROJ
LogiCORE, Tri-mode Ethernet Media Access Controller (TEMAC), Site LIcense EF-DI-TEMAC-SITE

* For EDK customers The XPS_LL_TEMAC cores are included with these products.

Release Notes & Known Issues

For information on New Features, Known Issues, and Patches please refer to the Installation, Licensing and release Notes document available on the Licensing Solution Center.