Zynq 7000 SoC Package Files

  CLG225 CLG400 CLG484 FBG484 CLG485 SBG485 FBG676 FFG676 FFG900 FFG1156
XC7Z007S CLG225 CLG400                
XC7Z012S         CLG485          
XC7Z014S   CLG400 CLG484              
XC7Z010 CLG225 CLG400                
XC7Z015         CLG485          
XC7Z020   CLG400 CLG484              
XC7Z030       FBG484   SBG485 FBG676 FFG676    
XC7Z035             FBG676 FFG676 FFG900  
XC7Z045             FBG676 FFG676 FFG900  
XC7Z100                 FFG900 FFG1156
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Note: The zip file includes ASCII package files in TXT format and in CSV format. The format of this file is described in UG865.