Product Description

The AXI Quad Serial Peripheral Interface connects the AXI4 interface to those SPI slave devices which are supporting the Dual or Quad SPI protocol along with Standard SPI protocol instruction set. As an example, this core provides a serial interface to SPI slave devices such as SPI serial flash from Winbond/Numonyx which support Dual and Quad SPI protocol along with Standard SPI interface. The Dual/Quad SPI is the enhancement to the Standard SPI protocol that delivers a simple method for a master and a selected slave to exchange data.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Configurable AXI4 interface; when configured with an AXI4-Lite interface the core is backward compatible with version 1.00 of the core (legacy mode)
  • Configurable AXI4 interface for burst mode operation for the Data Receive Register (DRR) and the Data Transmit Register (DTR) FIFO
  • Configurable eXecute In Place (XIP) mode of operation
  • Connects as a 32-bit slave on either AXI4-Lite or AXI4 interface
  • Configurable SPI modes:
    • Standard SPI mode
    • Dual SPI mode
    • Quad SPI mode
  • Programmable SPI clock phase and polarity
  • Configurable FIFO depth (16 or 256 element deep in Dual/Quad/Standard SPI mode) and fixed FIFO depth of 64 in XIP mode
  • Configurable Slave Memories in dual and quad modes are: Mixed, Micron, Winbond, and Spansion (Beta Version)

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