Pre-Trade Risk Check System (PTRC)

Algo-Logic Systems Inc.

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Algo-Logic Systems delivers an industry leading Pre-Trade Risk Check (PTRC) solution that verifies Security and Exchange Commission Rule 15c3-5 compliance with sub-microsecond latency that is consistently lower than software-based systems. The system enables broker/dealers to forward stock market orders from client machines to exchanges with nearly no added delay nor jitter.

With an easy to use and secure, Graphical User Interface (GUI), broker/dealers can easily configure a wide range of risk check parameters to ensure compliance and protection prior to execution. Pre-Trade Risk Checks and associated control actions are accelerated in the FPGA.


  • Provides SEC Rule 15c3-5 Risk Check compliance
  • Customization available for Broker unique Risk Checks
  • Significantly faster than software only Risk Check systems


  • Alveo U200


  • Financial Computing