RGB to YCrCb Color-Space Converter



The Xilinx RGB to YCrCb Color Space Conversion LogiCORE™ is an optimized hardware block for converting RGB video data to the YCrCb color space.

Video system designers frequently need to convert video data between various color spaces. The Xilinx RGB to YCrCb Color-space Converter LogiCORE has built-in support for 5 formats and 3 range standards. The implementation is a simplified 3x3 constant coefficient matrix multiplier, which uses only 4 multipliers exploiting the inter-relations of RGB to YCrCb coefficients. The module is optimized to take advantage of multiply-add capabilities of XtremeDSP slices.


  • Built-in support for:
    • SD (ITU 601)
    • HD (ITU 709) PAL
    • HD (ITU 709) NTSC
    • YUV
  • Supports user-defined conversion matrices
  • 支持 8、10、16位每颜色分量输入/输出
  • 支持的空间分辨率: 32x32 至 7680x7680。
    • 在所有支持的器件系列中,支持 1080P60
    • 在支持的高性能器件中,支持 4kx2k @ 24 Hz




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