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Automotive Grade Artix™ UltraScale+

Enabling Next Generation ADAS Edge Sensors from Cameras & LiDARs to Vision Hub Applications

Product Advantages

Automotive Grade Artix™ UltraScale+™ Product Advantages

The AMD Automotive XA Artix UltraScale+ family is qualified according to AEC-Q100 test specifications with full ISO26262 ASIL-B level certification. The product offers high serial bandwidth and signal compute density in a cost-optimized device for critical networking applications, vision and video processing, and secured connectivity.

Value Features
High-speed Serial I/O Performance
  • Advanced and emerging protocols offering high-speed data transfer via 16 Gb/s transceivers
  • Power optimization for optimal signal integrity
DSP Compute
  • Optimized for fixed and floating point computation
  • Supports diverse forms of compute for image and video processing datasets
Safety and Security
  • Multi-level security features help Artix UltraScale+ FPGAs maintain cybersecurity and IP protection
  • The architecture provides RSA-2048 Authentication, NIST-certified AES-CGM Decryption, DPA countermeasures, anti-tamper configuration, security monitor IP to adapt as security threats change across the product’s lifecycle.
Product Table

Product Table

System Logic Cells (K) 81 96 170
CLB LUTs (K) 37 44 77
Memory (Mb) 3.8 3.5 5.1
DSP Slices 216 400 576
Maximum I/O Pins 248 228 228
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Note: Some restrictions may apply. Refer to DS886, XA Artix™ UltraScale+™ FPGA Overview for detail.



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